Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Crew Returns

Yesterday was the pick-up day at DIA.  Drive down, drive back.  Lots of hugs and Christmas stories.  Great to see the kids again and the energy is high.
Today we headed to Copper.  Probably 30 degrees, clear skies and a new park.  While we have been out here for a month, we have only had one day of hitting jumps and were overdue for some of that.  The best part is that the park is above the pipe so we can get both on every run.  Three different jump lines means no excuses for not learning tricks, check with your kids.  I was as excited as the rest of the crew and smiled from ear to ear after a run of front 5, switch back 180 to back 5.  Rick was shredding too, spinning the jumps and finding insane lines with James (also sick methods off the kicker box).  Shelb began reworking back 3s and Jenn is on the doorstep of Cab 3s.  James finally got an outfit with some color for photos and Rick nailed the shot to the left (not a straight air, front 3 indy).  Mattice was running Cab 3 shifty, Cab 5 to something cool (forgetting, sorry).  Check his photo too.  Roomet had a tough day.  He counted 13 slams and I saw a few of them.  Can't rule the hill everyday!  Abay is pumped to be hitting jumps again and inspired me with some front 7s.  TTK shreds all day and is working on a corked cab 5 that will soon become a 7.  Emily pioneered the jump line for the girls and had made the first two by day's end.  Number 3 tomorrow, no doubt.
Eric B was feeling under the weather and had to chill.  There is no one on this team who would be more upset at missing a day on a new jump line, I feel for the kid.  He should be back at it soon.  Randall gets in at 1am.  We all look forward to his Jamaica stories.  Missing Joe and India, but I guess they love them some New Years with the fam.
Did I mention Rick was on fire today?  I think I did.  Check the top photo where he ollies the Stump of Manhood.

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Dave Redden said...

Is that a popsicle or a front three? signed JJ Cale yaahhh you got to be so exposed to be jamebrah. but no black clothing could hide that style. missing all of you cats but glad to see you getting that triple triple. if i wasn't home id be jealous. I just looked at a bunch of blogs on my way here and id rather read this one twice. saw a pretty picture of a raindrop on a leaf though.