Tuesday, December 16, 2008


At this point 15 hr workdays are normal (7 days a week).  Not necessarily a bad thing when the kids are working hard with me.  Rick worked Dew Tour pipe practice today with Bayer and Cohen.  Sounds like the pipe is first class.  After a short time on the slopestyle wait list, Eric B got in and will be taking a shot at qualifiers tomorrow.  This kid is so driven and excited to be included in a contest of the highest level.  He knows his boundaries and has a run planned that he is capable of stomping.  While we don't expect him to win, it is great that he is exposed to a professional level of riding as we all envision him as a pro in the near future.  Best of luck Eric.  We are hoping to get Jin and James in to pipe tomorrow and they are also worthy of this level of comp.
I headed over to Copper today with the rest of the crew and although I had my hands full, I got help from within the team.  Kevin, James and Jin acted as guest coaches with the girls this morning and lots of rail work got accomplished.  Sadie and Shelb developed some new tricks and Lena got some excellent coaching tips from James.  Emily has taken to the rail line and has tricks and lines to choose from.  Great comeback Em!  India continues to rip.
After an hour of work with the girls, I caught up with Eric, Erik, Joe, TTK, Randall and Kevin for a rail filming session.  Eric and Erik had discovered a great natural rail on the mountain and we quickly set it up and began filming.  Erik R had the highlight of the day, but all the guys ripped and the energy was high.
I ducked in for a 10 minute lunch around 1 and rushed up to the pipe to work with James.  He has been training super hard and today's mission was the Haakon flip.  The kid drops in for one hit and is back up on the deck in less than 2 minutes, over and over (no exaggeration).  
Moments after returning home I headed to the amazing Breck gym with Lena, James, Randall, Joe, and Erik.  As hard as I tried to challenge Randall, he continues to keep up or outlift me.  We follow up with the waterslide and hot tubs.  Then home for a meal of salmon and studyhall.  Followed by email check and blogging.  Its 8:30 now, can I chill?  Darn you Dave Redden for setting the daily blog precedent!

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LA said...

Terrific job on the blog! Great to read about the camp, and see some of the action. Please keep it up!